Nice that you're here! My name is Tamara and I am the founder and creative head of Gold Coast Vienna.


The idea of ​​starting my own business as a jewelry designer germinated in me for many years. On a 4-week trip to Australia's east coast, including the so-called Gold Coast, the idea burned in me like fire. After my return, I started an extra-occupational apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Vienna, which I completed in 2022. In the same year I founded my label Gold Coast Vienna and fulfilled a heart's desire.

The name Gold Coast Vienna pays tribute to my stay in Australia and the emotional world I experienced there, and from now on it accompanies me on my journey as a jewelry artist in Vienna. He is my eternal reminder of Australia's stunning scenery and warmth of its people. I hope to be able to pass this feeling on to my customers in the form of the jewelry I make with dedication by hand.

xo, Tamara