My values

The fast fashion industry floods us with seasonal, expendable jewelry that has a short lifespan. I believe that jewelry should always have meaning and emotional value.


My mission is to create durable and sustainable jewelry that is designed with love and made by hand, regardless of trends.


I only use high-quality materials whose supply chains are kept as short as possible to protect the environment and its precious resources. I am aware that the supply chain does not start with me and that Gold Coast Vienna has a responsibility to understand how and where each individual material is sourced. With my own brand, I have the opportunity to pay close attention to these things and give them the attention they deserve. With Gold Coast Vienna I would like to do my part to help us get away from overconsumption and learn to appreciate things again.


Fairness, conscious consumer behavior, as well as authenticity, honesty and down-to-earthness - that's what Gold Coast Vienna stands for.