Are you looking for very individual couple rings? In a personal appointment, we will work together to create very special and unique rings that not only unite you in what you have in common, but are also tailored to the individual wishes of each of you.

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3 steps to the perfect rings


The process begins with a personal or telephone (video call is also possible) consultation in which we talk about your ideas and wishes. You are welcome to bring inspiration in the form of photos or sketches, which we will then go through together. Don't worry - it's no problem if you don't have any concrete ideas about what you want your rings to look like.

The aim of the consultation is to find out what your perfect rings should look like and to give you an idea of ​​what is possible within the budget you have set. The conversation is non-binding and free of charge.


Depending on how specific your ideas are, in the next step you will receive a non-binding offer with up to 3 designs per wedding ring. Once each of you has decided on one of the designs, we can go into fine-tuning and adjust the rings until they meet your expectations. Once you have made a final decision about the design, you can begin making the rings. I recommend allowing a time frame of 2-4 weeks for the design process.

If the offer is accepted, 50% of the price must be paid. The remaining 50% must be paid when the finished rings are handed over.


All pieces of jewelry are individually made by hand in my studio in Vienna. Production takes approximately 4-8 weeks and depends on the complexity of the designs. As soon as the rings are ready, I will notify you so that we can organize a date for either handover or shipping. If the ring size doesn't fit perfectly, I'm happy to offer a one-time, free adjustment.


The ring profile and width of the ring significantly affect the appearance and wearing comfort of the ring. The ring profile represents the shape of the ring in cross-section (e.g. rectangular, round, half-round, oval, etc.). The width of the ring can be chosen individually, but care should be taken with wide rings that the finger remains fully mobile.


The material and the gold color should suit you individually. It's totally fine if your rings aren't the same gold color - I promise we'll still create beautifully matched rings together. I would be happy to show you all the options at a meeting. For general information on the subject of precious metals, please see the Material Science section.


In addition to a classic polish, the surface of your rings can also be matted. In addition, the ring band, i.e. the part of the ring that fits around the finger, can be given a very special look, for example with a hammer blow.

To further personalize your rings, you have the option of having the rings engraved or, for example, having a birthstone incorporated into the inside of the ring band. I would be happy to discuss further options with you at an appointment.