Order your ring sizer

With the Ring Sizer you have the opportunity to easily measure your ring size from home.

    • The fingers of your right and left hand are usually not the same size. So make sure you measure the right finger on the hand you want to wear the ring on.
    • In general, you should choose a size where the ring just fits over your knuckle so that it is not too loose and slips off your finger.
    • The size of your fingers can vary depending on the season or body temperature. If you want to determine your ring size at home, it is best to do this at room temperature.
    • The wider the ring, the tighter it feels on your finger. So note that you may need a larger ring size for wider rings than for narrower rings. With solitaire rings, it may be advisable to choose the ring size half a number smaller so that the ring does not slip to the side due to the weight of the stone.

Measure an existing ring to determine your size

If you don't know your ring size but have a ring that fits you well, you can determine your ring size by measuring the inside diameter of the ring. The easiest way to do this is to use a caliper, but you can also use a ruler.